What is an Ambulatory Surgery Center?

Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASCs) provide same-day surgical care. They seek to optimize the patients' experience through clinical quality, convenience and cost savings.

Clinical Quality:

Fayetteville Ambulatory Surgery Center's clinical-first commitment has led us to:

  • Create and adopt clinical outcome metrics endorsed by the National Quality Forum
  • Utilize clinical best practices
  • Invest in training for our clinical staff and clinical leaders


Fayetteville Ambulatory Surgery Center offers patients easy scheduling, convenient access and short wait times. Our patient satisfaction scores are consistently high. Many patients specifically cite the distinctive friendliness and efficiency of our staff.

Cost Savings:

On average, our patients pay approximately 45 percent less than they would if they had the identical procedure performed at a hospital. These savings are reflected in patients' co-pays and co-insurance. The lower cost of care in our facilities also helps lower total healthcare insurance premiums.

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